Chinese high resolution ink jet printer

Chinese high resolution ink jet printer
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Print content: count、date、time、serial number and batch number etc.


Chinese inkjet printer supplier

Applicable industry

Mobilephone screen beverage bottle, food packaging bags, boxes, window of model steeldoor, aluminum alloy, batteries, plastic pipe, steel plate, circuit boards,chip, woven bags, eggs, brake pad, mobile phone shell, cartons, motors,transformers, water meter inside dish, gypsum board, PCB circuit boardprinting, packaging and other industries.


Print content: count、date、time、serial number and batchnumber etc.

Detail parameters

Print precision: 300 DPI    

Print font: built-in four font

print image: print various logo, nolength-width ratio restrictions for graphic transmission

Chinese fonts: national standard level (morethan 6000 in total), Chinese pinyin input method

Print lines: optional two lines and multiplelines

Character height:1mm~18mm

Print unit: single nozzle, other nozzleinstallation, printing different colors

print direction: nozzle can be 180 °rotation; Adjustable forward, reverse, vertical down; adjustableprogram upside down, left and right rotation

print distance: nozzle to objects 5 mmto 10 mm

automatic print: count、date、time、serialnumber and batch number etc.

storage information:100 messages and 100images

information length: each message can be up to250 characters

print speed: max 30m/min,and printing speedno change due to the increase of the number of lines

ink color: black red white blue

external connector: USB synchronizer,photoelectric sensor, data line

using environment: temperature 3 ℃ ~ 30 ℃; Humidity10% ~ 80%

Using ink: quick dry or oil environmentalprotection ink ,without external gas source and diluent.

Case material: stainless steel characterinput keyboard film

Machine size: 34.7*22*10cm  machineweight:12 KG

Machine bracket: adjustable 50 cm to 75 cm upand down, fine tuning front and rear

serial number:  1-8 a mutable sequencenumber


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