all-round handheld printer

all-round handheld printer
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Mainly used in product packaging printing area code,date,batch number,etc.Widely used in food,beverage,chemical industries.


Automatic printing: date, time, batch number,class and the serial number and so on, spray printing bar code: one-dimensionalbarcode / two-dimensional barcode.

Detail parameter

•  Printing precision: 300 dpi

•  Print fonts: high-definition printing fonts(print) built a variety of Chinese and English font

•  Print graphics: all kinds of trademark design,graphic transmission is not affected by width ratio and the length of anyrestrictions

•  Level of lines: one line to fifteen EnglishNumbers, one to eight lines of Chinese characters

•  Print fonts: national standard level of secondary(a total of more than 6000) of Chinese pinyin input method

•  Printing height: can be printed 1 mm ~ 18 mm(optional)

•  Print bar code: one dimensional barcode /two-dimensional barcode
•  Printing distance: 5 mm to 10 mm (nozzle to the object distance)

•  Automatic printing: date, time, batch number,class and serial number, etc

•  Information length: each message spurts Indiamore than 200 characters

•  Printing speed: up to 35 m/min, and sprayprinting speed does not change due to the increase of the number of lines

•  Ink color: black, red, white, blue, green

•  External interface: USB, DB9, DB15

•  Use ink: quick drying environmental printing inkor oily ink, without external gas source and diluent

•  Serial number: 1-8 a mutable sequence number

•  Power supply parameters: DC 16 v eight hours on asingle battery charge, 20 hours of standby time

•  Control panel: touch screen

•  Machine weight: 1.3 KG
•  System consumption: the average power consumption is lower than 15W

•  Printing material: metal, plastic, wood, aluminumfoil, cartons and building materials and so on material surface

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