AROJET UV printer

AROJET UV printer
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  • AROJET UV printer

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AROJET SP-8800 UV variable data printing machine system


 Chinese inkjet printer

●Applicable industry

SP-8800 UV printing machine used for metal,plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, aluminum foil, cartons and building materialsindustries such as printing.

●Detailed parameters

●Machine display

Packagingand Transportation



Warranty for one year, since the date ofdelivery and acceptance of the project; Nozzle is a vulnerability of plugginghole, hole deformation and artificial damage out of place in thewarranty.

The warranty service principle

1, During the warranty period , the warranty products within thescope of free maintenance.

2, Warranty, or does not belong to the warranty scope ofmaintenance services, FOHONG digital charge at cost and spare parts formaintenance.

3, Repairing equipment must be packed in accordance with theoriginal packaging , or encapsulation using fairly protection measures. Due toimproper packaging or damage caused by the transport is not in the scope of thewarranty.

4, FOHONG digital and FOHONG digital products dealers will providewarranty service in accordance with the terms of the corresponding products.

In case of failure, please do not tear down machine, pleasecontact our after-sales department in time, and  any adverse consequencesor losses by disassembly privately, shall be borne by the enterprise.


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