AROJET small character inkjet printer

AROJET small character inkjet printer
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  • inkjet printer small character

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AROJET small character inkjet printer



Chinese inkjet printer


printcontent: Chinese、English、picture、automatic printing date、date、batch number、serial number、barcode

Industry application

Applicable industry:food、drink、cosmetic、electron、building material chemicaland other industries

Detail parameters

Machine type: A - 308
Maximum number of publishing: 5 lines (5 * 5)
Interface: editor, printing preview files, touch keys, graphic editingfunctions
Character lattice: 5*5  5*7 6*9 8*11 11*16 17*24 22*32
Print height: 1-15 mm
Print width: character can widen 1-8 times
Nozzle to the product distance: 30 mm biggest, the best printing from 10 to 20mm
Maximum print speed: 125 m/min (5 * 7)
Information editor: 32 lattice arbitrary mix, move, rotate, combination, manyfonts for choice, bold integral interval
Print direction: 360 °
Print content: Chinese, English, pictures, automatic jet print date, time,batch number, serial number, etc
Chinese character font: The first and second Chinese font
Print barcode: Code128, code39 and ENA13 code (optional)
Data storage: 100 messages, 100 images
Input method: pinyin input method, location input method
Nozzle throat length: 2 m
Temperature: 0-45 ℃
Use humidity: relative humidity of 20% 80%
Communication interface: photoelectric, synchronizer, alarm interface, RS232,USB (connect USB flash drive, information transmission via USB)
Weight: the gross weight: 30 kg; Net weight: 25 kg
Electrical requirements: 220 v + 10% for 50 Hz 200 VA
The machine size: 365 * 225 * 565 mm
Optional parts: host bracket, alarm, barcode printing, synchronizer,photoelectric sensors, optical fiber sensors
Seal the cartridge: adopt sealed cartridge design, save material, ink cleaner
Design: the integration of taper mixing cylinder is designed, make the ink fullcirculation, jet printing quality more stable, vacuum module design, let themachine maintenance more convenient, more simple structure
Ink color: black, white, red, blue, yellow
Ink usage: a liter of ink can print about one hundred million characters (5 x7)
Printing material: can be printed on metal, wood, aluminum foil, cartons andbuilding materials such as surface

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