AROJET High speed UV variable data printing system

AROJET High speed UV variable data printing system
AROJET High speed UV variable data printing systemAROJET High speed UV variable data printing system
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  • high speed variable data

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AROJET is a professional company for industrial logo printing equipment and variable data printing system


Chinese inkjet printer

●Applicable industry
SP - 9000 digital printing system, widelyused in documents, bills anti-counterfeiting, adhesive labels, CARDS,supervision code applications such as the best choice. It can be configured ina variety of rotary printing machine, a single paper fixture, roll paper go onfixture and all kinds of online and offline devices, is the ideal of prepressand post-press equipment matching function expansion device.

It can print on paper, plastic, metal, glass,ceramics, etc. such as: coated paper, thermal paper, aluminum foil paper, PET,PVC, PP, PE, tinplate, tinsel, etc.

●Detailed parameters
Printheads: GENS
Print speed: 150 m/min
Print precision: 600 DPI
Print precision (DPI) : * 600 DPI arbitrary precision
Maximum print width: 54 MM (perfect support CR - 80 standard)
Print speed highest degree: 150 m/min
The biggest print unit: eight
Characteristics of nozzle: support grey level 7
Distance between material: less than 4 MM
Nozzle drops (minimum) : 7 PL
Nozzle frequency: single point 30 KHz, gray level 20 KHz
Nozzle maintenance: automatic cleaning
Print content: one-dimensional bar codes, two-dimensional bar code, latticecode, anti-counterfeiting code, text, images, databases, serial number (lessthan 3 MM perfect support)
Print mode: roll material or leaflet
Print color: monochrome spray is printed or spray color
Ink type: UV, water-based, oily

●Machine display



●Packaging and Transportation



●After-sales policy

UVvariable data printing machine warranty for one year, since the date ofdelivery and acceptance of the project; Nozzle is a vulnerability of plugginghole, hole deformation and artificial damage out of place in the warranty.

Thewarranty service principle

1,During the warranty period , the warranty products within the scope of freemaintenance.

2,Warranty, or does not belong to the warranty scope of maintenance services,FOHONG digital charge at cost and spare parts for maintenance.

3,Repairing equipment must be packed in accordance with the original packaging ,or encapsulation using fairly protection measures. Due to improper packaging ordamage caused by the transport is not in the scope of the warranty.

4,FOHONG digital and FOHONG digital products dealers will provide warrantyservice in accordance with the terms of the corresponding products.

Incase of failure, please do not tear down machine, please contact ourafter-sales department in time, and  any adverse consequences or losses bydisassembly privately, shall be borne by the enterprise.

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